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During all of the hustle and bustle of wedding coordination, one of the often overlooked items on the list is the wine. Some may think “who cares which wine we serve, as long as it tastes okay”, right? Although it may not be an important detail to many people, it can actually make a very big difference between a ho-hum dinner experience or an absolutely fantastic sensory food experience for your guests.

Wine Shoppe on Charlotte, Wedding Favors Wine

The Wine Shoppe on Charlotte is a family owned and operated business in Peterborough, ON. Whether you are looking for wine to serve at your wedding or to give as wedding favors, The Wine Shoppe on Charlotte has everything you need.

Add your personal touch by making your own wine. The professionals at Wine Shoppe on Charlotte are available to help you along the way. Once your wine is ready to be bottled, you can bottle your creations to make them true masterpieces. The Wine Shoppe on Charlotte has a large variety of wine labels, bottles, corks and shrink tops to choose from.

Wedding Favors Wine Shoppe on Charlotte

Allow your wedding guests to bring home a little part of your celebrations with a bottled wine. This is an inexpensive, trendy wedding favor idea, with prices beginning at only $2.77!

Wine can make your wedding reception memorable if accompanied by the proper dishes. Take the time to learn about the different types of wine and what dishes bring out their true flavors.

If you are interested in making wine for your wedding, call the store for details or check out their website. Sign up for The Wine Shoppe on Charlotte email newsletter for a chance to win wine making gift certificates and other prizes.

Nothing says “let’s celebrate” like a great bottle of wine, so get bottling with The Wine Shoppe on Charlotte, “CHEERS”!

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