Wedding and Bridal Invitations – Places to find them in the Peterborough Area

Invitations come in assorted stationary, fonts, and may have small add-ons that can add to an invitation, to enhance its look and add to your wedding theme.  You may choose an invites with a ribbon made of organza material, if you are having an elegant black-tie wedding. Someone having an outdoor garden wedding may choose an invitation with stamped leaf design.

Wedding Invitation with ribbon

Wedding Invitation with ribbon

There are many places in the Peterborough area with experts that can assist you in achieving the perfect wedding invitation to fit your budget and suit your theme.  View the selection at PeterboroughWeddingPlanner today.

Interested in online wedding RSVP?  Join our Member’s Area today to see how you can add an online RSVP option to your wedding invitations.

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