What to Look For In a Wedding Officiant

I never cease to be amazed by the couples who come to me with trepidation and tell me stories about bad experiences their friends had with a Wedding Officiant. Virtually every wedding ceremony I perform, I have a photographer approach me and ask about my rules. I tell them what I will tell you. My rule is this “I don’t have any rules”. Why would I even think of prohibiting a photographer to get that special shot during your ceremony on the most wonderful day of your life? A lot of Officiants do have rules though so be careful.

What should you look for in a Wedding Officiant? First of all, if they do not invite you to call them by their first name right away, you should wonder why. They should be the kind of person you could feel comfortable hanging out with. You never want to feel intimidated or unable to crack a joke, make a suggestion or just simply be yourself. It is your wedding and your day. Don’t let anyone impose their ideas or beliefs on you.

Your Officiant should be willing to do the ceremony of your choice, not theirs. If you don’t want religious content in your ceremony don’t let anyone impose that on you. You should get quick personalized answers to your email inquiries and not feel like you are being a nuisance. A good Officiant should be there for you and willing to walk you through the process with lots of good suggestions but make you always feel like you have the final say in everything. All the best to you as you search for the perfect Officiant.

Norman M. Martin – Wedding Officiants
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